Friday, December 11, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Well it's official

Well it's official-Im leaving PHS at the end of June. I need not bother you with reasons or resentments or why and who-
Its just very overdue. Hopefully ending up in Upstate New York adding my rust to the Rust Belt and dreaming of the likes of Dove and Burchfield and on and on and on...returning to the places I fell in love with the/ was willingly captured by the beauty of painting in all it's permutations
No the big news to share with you ( if you could bear to read this far) is my scheduled double coronary by-pass surgery- It's definitely happening this coming January 6th to be exact.

After meeting with the surgeon I must admit to a morbid excitement towards being cut open again.An incision from neck to belly -removal of ribs/sternum -harvesting veins from arms (not my right) legs and most vivid of all " the backside of my chest cavity".. This is now a very un-rare proceedure I've been told (me and Dickless Cheney) but still a very very intrusive and not totally safe carnage.

Why tell you all like this?
Maybe its my need to tell someone something to someone...Ive chosen to be alone but I would be absolutely lying to you all if I didn't admit to a desire to know and interact with you even in such an artificial or (better called) distant way-Whatever this thing however it is- is it still a bond between us.

What a strange place we meet eh?

best- John