Monday, October 26, 2009

PO PO MO art -its basic, essential elements...its main thrust, is the distended, flaccid ( I know too many impotency references...ah well)purpose of marketing; Selling itself to itself. It has no other reason for existing other than to fuel its own continuation. It is more than useless it is EXCEPTIONALLY irrelevant,an oxymoronical achievement in and of itself. Reminiscent of a politician campaigning to themselves.
Overly didactic (in an extraordinarily obvious way) bordering on "preachy" and condescending and/or so idiosyncratic as to be inexplicable while attempting to continually pontificate.
When did the visual arts so interest itself with content pushing the intent?
Fashion and advertising have always had a love hate affair with the arts.Now, however they are at its core. In the seventies critics led in a most irritating, disconcerting way. Artists followed. In many ways the work became tainted with the sole purpose of providing an "illustration" to support the aesthetic underpinning. Yet even with this reversal the work was still accountable in and of the realm of visual creation;Objects that stood or fell based on AESTHETIC analysis. Now-works are being scrutinized first and foremost for their social and political relevance to todays pop news headlines.Becoming pictorial training wheels for the faux-revolution. Art in back-up of the other branches of civilization. Artists as politician.Consider the obverse of that...politicians as artists, and the problem clarifies itself.

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Ah..."Toga Day" at good old PHS. Emails from a few faculty.
Would it be wrong to suggest that some of our male students are going to be a distraction today? I have a fondness for all things Classical and thus I'm perfectly okay with togas. I question the fashion in the several cases where nipples are on display.
Do we have a policy on visible nipples?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cat Toupee by Posthumos

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mask of King Smenthkare(?) Dyn XVIII-1580-1085BC

Head of Akhenaten c.1350 B.C.

Egyptian-New Kingdom XVIII dynasty-1550-1080

THE SOARING goose alights,
while lesser birds still fly,
and flutters all my garden.
Only you, my love, excites me.
My heart balances
with yours. From your beauty
may I never be apart.

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Abraham- 1949

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