Sunday, July 4, 2010

I cannot wait to see the Burchfield show at the Whitney!

“ Every old man that dies is a library that burns.

— Amadou Hampate

Does anyone else find this disturbing?

Ode to Rexroth

“ Geniuses are people who dash off weird, wild, incomprehensible poems with astonishing facility, and then go and get booming drunk and sleep in the gutter.
— Twain

I have no idea...

This Summer's driving me over the edge

“ Are you angry? Punch a pillow. Was it satisfying? Not hardly. These days people are too angry for punching. What you might try is stabbing. Take an old pillow and lay it on the front lawn. Stab it with a big pointy knife. Again and again and again. Stab hard enough for the point of the knife to go into the ground. Stab until the pillow is gone and you are just stabbing the earth again and again, as if you want to kill it for continuing to spin, as if you are getting revenge for having to live on this planet day after day, alone.
— Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More than You

I'll know in a couple of weeks if I got the job