Sunday, May 31, 2015

- Susan Sontag, from Reborn: Journals and Sontag today

"…to be fully conscious at every moment which means feeling the past to be as real as the present…"


Reynald Drouhin: Urban Landscape Memory, Ready-Made (2014)

Well. These we're unexpected.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Audition (1999), Takashi Miike

"A Crush"

"There’s a reason that an early state of erotic attachment is called in English ‘a crush’: it crushes confidence, stability, intention. Intense attachment induces a nonsovereignty that confuses the habits of the pleasure, pain, and fantasy circuits."

Lauren Berlant, “Living with Negativity”
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I love the definition of the crush offered in “Techniques Against Optimism
Ecstatic, embarrassing, anti-outcome forcefulness of the libido. The crush is a vector machine – without foundation or deceleration. A crush emerges as a strategy of self annihilation and as an offer to the other (who cannot be disclosed). The other must, in order for the crush to sustain its own energies, refuse to recognise the crush while at the same time receiving its intensity. Crushes are terroristic (insofar as their networks cruise) and communistic (insofar as their labours are for good of the more-than-one). A crush is a way to shuck the ego, leave it quivering.Technique for unbecoming: get a crush, let it rage.
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Funny way of depicting one of the more difficult and nuanced aspects of Christianity.

Gerda Wegener - Narcissisme

Salon in Japan-Haunting picture

Japanese Princess - unknown photographer - Japan - 1880


Endless sleep

Francesco Viscuso

Georgia O'Keefe. Nude series, seated red. Water color

Pierre Bonnard. Nu jaune 1934

Masao Yamamoto

Philippe Salaün Paris, 1972 [three shrouded figures tied by necks to pole]

Father Zeus is pissed

george grosz

Young Fathers - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Young Fathers - SHAME